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3D Sr. Artist - Game/Virtual Reality

Culver City, CA

Dreamscape is a next-generation location-based VR company backed by some of Hollywood's leading players with offices in Geneva and in Los Angeles.

Utilizing our full breadth of creative storytelling, Dreamscape offers unforgettable VR experiences to the public, allowing viewers to become active participants like never before. Dreamscape's multi-user immersive platform utilizes a unique body-mapping system developed by Swiss technologists from Artanim to help people experience an entirely new cinematic world they never dreamed possible.

We are looking for an artist with a proven track record of video game content creation in a professional capacity with one or more shipped titles under their belt. You will work on the development of interfaces, tools, and techniques used in the development of location-based VR educational, training, and entertainment experiences.

In this role, you will model, texture, and animate game assets (objects and/or characters), design and implement user interfaces, and curate and refactor existing assets as required to support research and development programs undertaken by Dreamscape Immersive. You will be the primary asset and creator of all Dreamscape Immersive’s research programs. As a strong generalist, you are willing to take on a variety of tasks, both collaboratively with other artists, game developers, and alone.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Working with the research team, develop and implement the artistic elements required to realize the goals of each research initiative
  • Collaborate with the research team to come up with creative solutions, identify constraints, and to provide feasibility recommendations
  • Provide feedback to the development program by working in a fast and iterative manner on artistic concepts while testing each iteration to evaluate success against the stated research goals
  • Provide feedback on existing assets and suggestions for new ones
  • Create and re-topologize high-poly sculpts, develop low poly in-game models based on original concepts
  • Integrating assets in the chosen 3D engine to create environments
  • Creating original high-quality textures using various tools and middle-ware
  • Setting up materials and shaders in the engine to achieve the best possible final quality
  • Must cooperate effectively with other artists and designers
  • Must adhere to technical specifications when creating environmental assets
  • Maintain the production pipeline and meeting deadlines
  • Be comfortable with all aspects of the animation pipeline, from blockout to implementation in engine
  • Create key-framed animation in Maya or Motionbuilder for integration into the engine
  • Have a creative skill set that can adapt to technical parameters
  • Implement animation assets into the game engine and iterate as appropriate


  • A degree in Digital Art, Game Art & Design, or equivalent.
  • 3D modeling and texturing skills using Maya, Substance Painter, etc.
  • Basic scripting skills is a plus (e.g. C#)
  • Several years of professional game design experience on Unity and/or Unreal, particularly in VR scenarios.
  • Good knowledge of composition, color theory, & lighting
  • 2+ years as a 3D Animator
  • Basic knowledge of physically based rendering (PBR) including creating, baking and setting up textures
  • Experience with procedural content creation packages (Substance Designer and Painter)
  • Expertise with character and prop rigging/skinning/setup
  • Some knowledge of rigging characters, props, and environments
  • Expert knowledge of Maya or Motionbuilder.
  • Strong creative and technical problem-solving skills.
  • Self-motivated and must be able to follow directions
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work within a team

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