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Irvine, CA

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SEGA… What do you think of when you hear that word? Do you think of the console with the iconic, harmonized voice fire ups or do you think of the countless gaming hits from Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, or the Persona series?…
When we think of SEGA, we think of its evolution from a pioneer in the video game market to one of the most prominent video game developers and publishers ever! Globally, SEGA has over 5,000 employees passionately working to bring the best gaming entertainment to players around the planet. We have one of, if not the richest, portfolio of original IPs – something we are very proud of and excited about as the market continues to change.
New streaming technologies and shifts in the retail landscape are well poised for what will be the most disruptive and innovative time in our industry. Our IP strategy positions us well for this, and we are enthusiastic about the future!
There’s never been a more exciting time in the company’s history to join SEGA!
Job Summary
SEGA of America is seeking a Temporary Editor to help localize top-class, Japan-originating product for Western markets. Our editors are specialists in the English language and creative professionals who review raw, functional translations of Japanese text and craft them into evocative, faithful English localizations.
For this position, we are looking to find someone who can hit the ground running for the length of a single upcoming project. While it is a team effort, each editor is responsible for a given amount of work and will be expected to deliver high quality output with minimal oversight. Experience working in the localization of Japanese games is preferred.
You should apply for the job if…

  • You’ve worked in a collaborative writing environment before, and can take or challenge creative criticism in healthy, constructive ways.
  • You have a writing passion project (or excerpt from one) to show off your style.
  • You have an ear for natural, compelling dialogue and character voices.
  • You know what it takes to realize complex, flawed characters through complex, near-flawless dialogue.
  • You know and love SEGA or Atlus games, including brands such Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, or Yakuza.
  • You can balance a love of games and language with reliability, self-discipline and respect for the Japanese intent.
  • You relish the feeling of polishing a diamond in the rough.
  • You can give the same love to all areas of editing, from item names to tutorials to flavorful dialogue.
  • You’re detail-oriented, always keeping your eye on the final product and considering how your work will appear in-game.
  • You think on your feet, always looking for solutions to unexpected challenges (whether creative or technical).
  • You’re familiar and comfortable with translation management software such as MemoQ.
  • Games are love, games are life: Especially games from Japan. You have favorite characters that you know so well they might as well be friends.

In the SEGA Localization Department, you will spend your days…

  • Rewriting raw translations into clean, compelling English that’s ready for prime time.
  • Tracking your progress with daily diligence to stay on schedule with longer-term deadlines.
  • Communicating frequently with translators and other editors.
  • Using Microsoft Teams group chat to discuss the story, characters, and game functions.
  • Participating in remote meetings to decide key terms and style guide.
  • Researching referenced events, concepts, people, etc., whether real-world or within a series’ canon.
  • Recognizing inconsistencies in presentation and collaborating with your team to sync up.
  • Finding the emotional core in dialogue, and artfully restructuring or rewriting lines to serve that core.
  • Rewriting system text and in-game mechanical information for maximum clarity and readability.
  • Being mindful of character limits and writing effectively within their limitations.
  • Synchronizing your writing for a character with your team’s vision for them.
  • Getting your dialogue script recording-studio-ready by supplying VO direction and context notes.
  • Posting emotionally hard-hitting lines in the team chat and watching everyone freak out about them. (In a good way.)

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