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Game Developer

Portland, OR (Remote)

About the job

At Cornered Rat Software (Playnet, Inc.'s internal development studio) we specialize in creating realistic WWII MMO / FPS experiences. Our flagship title "WWII Online" engages players in combined arms warfare from a first person perspective in a 300,000+ sq km seamless, persistent, and zone-less map the size of western Europe, with over 582 towns to fight over as any one of 200+ air/land/sea units. It also incorporates a strategy layer that is community driven. We're also working on a new standalone FPS project called "WWII Online: Chokepoint" which is smaller in scope and scale, and intentionally designed to develop new features, assets and foundational elements to enable WWII Online 2.0 – which is our grand plan of getting our flagship product modernized and on Unreal Engine 5. All of these products together represent the WWII Online franchise.

Role Description:

We are currently recruiting for developers who are interested to work at Cornered Rat Software as a volunteer intern to work on WWII Online 1.0. As a developer you will be diving deep into the code to help complete features and bug fixes necessary to the fulfillment of our public roadmap and/or the future of WWII Online. You'll be expected to be familiar with your IDE whether you're a Windows or Mac programmer and be capable of compiling/modifying the game client according to your assignments and follow necessary workflows within Atlassian's JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket.

In WWII Online 1.0 developers can expect to work with the any of the following:

  1. Game / Engine Programming C++ (2+ years professional or academic experience)
  2. Mumble (VOIP SDK)
  3. Cmake
  4. Experience in JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket (1 years +)
  5. Experience with SourceTree or equivalent (1 years +)

We require a minimum 10 hours per week committed to actual programming (not including meetings). Although at present all our internships are volunteer, it is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and receive a strong recommendation within the PC gaming industry.

You will be required to conduct essential documentation for the work you are doing and fill in the gaps where documentation may be missing for project continuity.

What is it like working at CRS?

At CRS we show genuine love and care for the product shared between our community and development team. We are like one big family who all aim high and hold tightly our optimism for what we can achieve. People around here care deeply and as a "Rat" working with us is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate your best.

Every day presents different sets of goals and responsibilities. We have a team of over 40 people around the world actively working on the project and collaborating remotely to achieve our developmental goals. In order to succeed at CRS, you need to have above all else passion for what we're working on and a persistent, self-starter attitude that can get to the root cause of issues with minimal supervision.

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