Gaming - Strategy Associate

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area


Gamefam is a F2P gaming developer and publisher who creates, publishes, and live operates a portfolio of metaverse games with a focus on Roblox. Gamefam is a Top 10 Roblox publisher in daily users and has a portfolio of hit games.

Gamefam’s position as one of the leading companies in the metaverse space means that we have many business opportunities ranging from making games, to working with brands, to providing data and advisory services to investors, and more.  As our Strategy Associate, you will be on the front lines of both finding the right questions to ask and then answering them using a combination of quantitative and qualitative thinking and presentation.

This role will be an incredible intellectual and operating adventure for the right person, who is passionate about gaming, digital entertainment, and making an impact with a combination of classic business case building and innovative, bleeding-edge opportunity identification and analysis.

Job Responsibilities (Expect responsibilities to evolve regularly)

Portfolio Strategy

  • Identify the key genres today and emerging in the metaverse
  • Analyze the leading games and companies and what can we learn from them
  • Recommend new games should we pursue and what type of business structures should we utilize to maximize value creation across the metaverse ecosystem

New Lines of Business

  • Assess other lines of business should Game fam consider outside of our core publishing business
  • Identify the key challenges and opportunities
  • Develop a thesis for entry strategies Game fam should consider

Competitive Analysis

  • Identify the top companies competing directly and indirectly with Game fam
  • Understand axes of competition
  • Seek ways for Game fam to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in its key operating segments, both short and long term

Strategy Pre-implementation

  • Be the cutting edge of bringing strategy to life
  • Build resource and operating models
  • Help recruit or allocate resources necessary to implementation
  • Support initial operations of your strategic initiatives to help them deliver on your vision


We’re looking for someone first and foremost with deep passion for growth, winning, and making a mark on the creative industries that will last for decades to come!  Our mission is Amazing Experiences for an Amazing Community - does this resonate with you?

  • 2+ years in management consulting, investment banking, or media strategy within a top media company
  • 4-year degree from a top university with a history of academic excellence
  • Passion for gaming and the gaming industry
  • Experience in analysis and strategy - both optimizing existing lines of business and building businesses cases for expansion / growth opportunities
  • Fearless approach to business with strong conceptual thinking, an understanding of microeconomics, and ability to quickly identify and codify axes of competition within an industry
  • Strong presentation skills - ability to powerfully simplify and visualize your work and recommendations to influence global C-level executives and investors
  • Teamwork orientation - ability to build relationships across an org to get the information and support needed for successful strategy development and pre-implementation

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