Head Writer

Culver City, CA

Blur Studio, the team behind Netflix's LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS, is looking for a head writer for an upcoming CG animated anthology series. The show will consist of multiple short animated films, with work to begin in January-February 2021.

Your Role

  • Lead the show's writing process through development, prep, and the early stages of production, working with the project's supervising director, staff writers, Blur Studio's team, and IP rights-holders to develop, deliver, and refine scripts.
  • Manage up to 5 staff writers, assigning and rewriting scripts as necessary
  • Deliver short scripts spanning a range of genres, styles, tones, and fictional universes, all for adult audiences

You Should Be

  • An experienced TV, feature, or video game writer
  • Strongly collaborative, able to manage downward to a writing staff, and upward to the producers, supervising director, owners of the IP to be adapted, and management teams at the studio and production companies
  • Comfortable adapting intellectual properties (books, short stories, etc.), transposing and enhancing elements for the screen, while remaining faithful to the source material
  • Able to execute on distinctive stylistic and tonal visions for each short episode
  • Able to work simultaneously on multiple standalone stories at different stages of development/prep/production
  • Able to commit full-time to up to a year of work

Also Beneficial

  • Experience in animation
  • Interest in video games

Please submit your credits, a brief statement, one writing sample (hourlong or longer), and resume.

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