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Senior AI Engineer

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

About the job

As a Senior AI engineer, you will be responsible for creating fun and engaging AI behaviors bringing to life our enemies. You will be working with members of the engineering, design and animation teams providing high quality AI experiences. We value talent, self-motivation and team spirit. In turn, we provide an environment with a large degree of autonomy and opportunities. Join us to create amazing worlds and innovative, emergent AI systems and behaviors that will set us apart from the rest!


  • Work closely with design and AI engineers crafting compelling AI behaviors and systems
  • Collaborate with the animation team developing seamless animation transitions
  • Contribute to the code base designing and developing scalable code systems
  • Research and evaluate leading AI techniques and solutions within the gaming industry
  • Regularly run performance captures to ensure AI systems stay within budgets
  • Collaborate with the team offering and receiving feedback on AI behaviors and systems


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related technical degree
  • 4+ years of game industry experience using C++
  • At least one shipped AAA games
  • Professional experience creating compelling AI character behaviors
  • Strong debugging and optimizing skills
  • Strong object-oriented design principles
  • Experience with Visual Scripting Systems
  • Ability to work independently on complex tasks
  • Friendly and open-minded team player


  • Specific experience building at least one sizeable gameplay system on a AAA project
  • Direct experience writing AI / gameplay networking code for a real-time action game
  • Previous knowledge of UE4 Gameplay Ability System and how to use it to drive complex behaviors
  • Team leadership and/or mentorship

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