Game Server Engineer

About the job

Epic Quest Summary:

Embark on a legendary journey with Game7! We are in search of a seasoned Game Engineer, a true maestro in C++ spellcraft, to lead the charge in crafting awe-inspiring server modifications. If you dream in code and have a passion for molding virtual worlds like World of Warcraft, this is your call to arms. Join our fellowship of developers, artists, and designers in pushing the boundaries of gameplay within mystical server realms.

Who we are

Game7 is a community formed to accelerate the adoption of Web3 gaming through crowdsourcing, to create public goods that can be owned by many. It’s a home for those who want to influence, shape, and build a better gaming industry, where the interests of players and developers are aligned.We are building a gaming nation, one that represents over 3 billion players and $200 billion in annual economic activity.

Our nation is governed by meritocracy, a system where a citizen’s contributions, not capital, grant them status, rewards and influence. It’s this philosophy that will create a more equitable and sustainable gaming future.

As part of this, we are building targeted products and offerings that specifically address the challenges that the industry desperately needs solutions for.

Your Heroic Responsibilities:

  • Server Modding Mastery: Wield your C++ sorcery to architect, develop, and optimize game server mods for epic titles like World of Warcraft.
  • Collaborative Enchantment: Work in unison with systems engineers to seamlessly integrate your creations into the mystical server infrastructure.
  • Gameplay Mechanism Alchemy: Infuse server environments with innovative game mechanics, systems, and features, enhancing the adventurer's journey.
  • Mentorship and Leadership: Guide and inspire junior engineering squires, cultivating a haven of technical excellence and innovation.
  • Performance Optimization Rituals: Analyze and enhance server-side code for peak efficiency, ensuring our mods are as powerful and scalable as a dragon's roar.
  • Creative Alliance: Forge alliances with gameplay designers and artists to bring server-side enhancements to life, ensuring a harmonious blend of art and code.
  • Documentation Lore Crafting: Create and maintain detailed scrolls of code, systems, and modifications, serving as a grimoire for team collaboration.

Your Arsenal of Skills:

  • Academic Prowess: A Bachelor's degree (or equivalent experience) in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related questline.
  • Battle-Tested Experience: 5+ years in the game development arena, with your weapon of choice being C++.
  • Deep Knowledge of Game Development: A vast understanding of game development principles, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Server-Side Scripting Expertise: Skilled in the arcane arts of server-side scripting and optimization within gaming environments.
  • Multiplayer Game Architecture: A solid grasp of network protocols and the intricate web of multiplayer game architecture.
  • Problem-Solving Wizardry: Exceptional skills in unraveling complex systems and optimizing them for the greater good.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: A proven track record in leading and uplifting junior engineering talents.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Strong communication skills and the ability to work in a party of diverse roles and characters.

Join Our Quest!

If you're a battle-hardened Game Engineer with a deep mastery of C++ and a burning passion for pioneering server modifications in realms of MMORPG's, heed this call! Apply to Game7 and become a key architect in the future of immersive gaming experiences. Your adventure begins now!

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