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Game Developer ( AI/Gameplay )

About the job


AlienSquad Co. It is a StartUp company. Our aim is to create radical and satisfying games by destroying accepted understandings of gaming.

Everyone wants to work with teammates who are visionary and value their work. But AlienSquad is where these desires come together.

we will be glad to see you among us.


Everyone who works at AlienSquad is part of our vision. Our vision is to bring a new breath to the game industry by understanding that the game industry's perception of success consists of creating copies of successful projects. This makes us foreigners to our own industry in the world. That's why we are aliens. And we're proud of it.


Melee , Pathfinding/Navigation , Weapon , Locomotion&Character Control

If at least one of these definitions sounds familiar to you, as the AlienSquad team, we expect you to go beyond the limits. If the descriptions fit you, these are your responsibilities and requirements


  • Being a team player in the development process by being prone to teamwork,
  • Increasing productivity by speaking, explaining yourself and conveying the thoughts in your mind smoothly,
  • Adopting the AlienSquad vision and making it a source of motivation,
  • Will embrace his/her position by having business ethics and morals,
  • Ability to establish deep relationships with other disciplines,


  • Minimum 5 years of C++ experience,
  • High experience with Unreal Engine 5,
  • Having knowledge of code architecture and the ability to write clean code,
  • Passionate about computer games,
  • Have expertise in one of the areas mentioned in the About the position section,
  • High problem solving and quick thinking ability


The following applies to everyone who works as a volunteer.

Each team member working until the end of the project will share 50% of the total revenue for the last 1 year from the project exit date among themselves, effective from the project exit date.

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