REMOTE Principal Gaming Engineer [73804]

About the job

As the Principal Gaming Engineer, you will lead the charge in overcoming our company's most significant technical hurdles while steering the advancement of our technologies and providing mentorship to our engineering team.

Our inaugural game, which debuted as the top-selling PC game globally upon its Early Access launch in late June, owes much of its success to groundbreaking technologies like Procedural Architecture and Block-scale AI, which challenge traditional game design paradigms. Innovation through disruptive technologies lies at the heart of our mission, and we're just scratching the surface of our potential.

You'll collaborate with industry luminaries who have played pivotal roles in crafting some of the gaming world's most influential and commercially successful titles. This hands-on position is tailored for engineers capable of delving deeply into a diverse array of systems while recognizing the significance of engineering in fostering innovation and iteration.

**Key Responsibilities:**

- Address and conquer the most formidable programming and technical hurdles within the company.

- Maintain a comprehensive understanding of our game's architecture and systems, along with our ongoing efforts to enhance them.

- Resolve technical obstacles, delineate, assess, and prioritize tasks, coordinate resources, and scrutinize code and deliverables to uphold our standards of quality, creativity, and timeliness.

- Recruit, nurture, assess, and guide the performance of our engineering team, serving as a seasoned technical resource as much as a manager.


- Over 12 years of game engineering expertise encompassing console and PC platforms.

- Demonstrated track record of shipping multiple original games, particularly in the first- or third-person action genre.

- Proficiency in multiplatform development (PC and consoles) and familiarity with platform-specific requisites.

- More than 5 years of experience leading engineering teams within the video game industry.

- Bachelor's degree or higher.

- Avid player of action-oriented video games.

- Familiarity with Unreal Engine is highly advantageous.


- We foster an environment of mutual trust and respect, underpinned by values of honesty, authenticity, and professionalism.

- Embracing a hybrid culture, our team spans 14 different states and 9 countries, promoting diversity and collaboration.

- Comprehensive benefits package including 401k, Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage for employees and their families.

- Commitment to sustainable development, offering flexibility in work arrangements and reasonable production demands.

- Unlimited PTO policy, allowing flexibility in scheduling and vacation days.

- Equitable Profit-sharing Program rewarding team members for their contributions to the studio's success.

- Opportunity for impactful work with a mid-sized team, crafting games that resonate with millions worldwide.

**About the Company:**

We are a mid-sized development studio led by industry veterans who have played integral roles in shaping some of the gaming industry's most influential titles. With substantial backing, we're challenging conventions in game development and pushing boundaries in game design.

Our debut title, which surged to the top spot in global PC game sales upon its Early Access launch in June 2023, has garnered widespread attention. A tactical first-person shooter, draws inspiration from real-life experiences of individuals involved in one of modern history's pivotal battles. By offering players immersive, empathy-inducing experiences, we aim to redefine gaming's potential.

Join us as we continue to redefine the gaming landscape, crafting industry-defining experiences with our dedicated team of 60-80 individuals.

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