Volunteer Game Artist

About the job

Company Description:[P1] Games exists to make the world a better place through positive-impact games. Frustrated with a games industry that's putting players last, [P1] Games is a place to build experiences that put people 1st, [P1].

How We Operate:[P1] works by selecting positive-impact nonprofit and open source game projects worthy of community support and then collaborates with volunteers to organize the volunteer workforce needed to complete such games.

Role Description:This is a remote volunteer role for a Game Artist at [P1] Games. The Game Artist will be responsible for creating and designing graphics and visual elements for video games.

Responsibilities:As a volunteer Game Artist, you have the flexibility to choose your own hours and set your own deadlines. Since we are a volunteer organization, you may choose the responsibilities you feel confident in at any given time:- Designing and creating characters, environments, assets, and UI elements for the game. - Collaborating with the team to ensure the visual style is consistent with the game's vision. - Working on animations for characters and in-game objects. - Working with game developers to ensure that visual assets are properly integrated into the game. - Providing and implementing feedback from team members to improve and refine game visuals. - Testing in-game art to identify and resolve any visual issues.

Mentorship:Our team offers a friendly and supportive space to build your portfolio on your own time and yet still contribute to meaningful open source and games and those of non profits. Immerse yourself in an environment where peers mentor each other and where industry professionals come to mentor up-and-coming game developers.

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