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Studios Engineering Leader

About the job

N3TWORK Studios requires a dedicated engineering leader to own three key areas of responsibility:


Provide technical guidance to company leadership to help inform its direction and strategy.

  • Understand where the company is and where it is headed.
  • Keep up with and understand emerging trends and topics in the mobile game, and web3 game spaces.
  • Own technical decisions that support the business.

Technical Leadership

Oversee the engineering organization to ensure technical execution aligns with company direction and strategy

  • Look for emerging problems and opportunities. Solve and take advantage of them.
  • Be the technical leader for the organization to set and hold standards of excellence.
  • Ensure teams are properly equipped with the skills and technology they require to achieve their goals
  • Mentor the engineering organization and help people grow to reach their ultimate potential

Technical Mastery

Understand the technology we use

  • Deeply learn the technology in use at the company. Spot and drive opportunities for inflective improvements.
  • Help teams take advantage of the systems in use or to decide to introduce new systems when needed
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