REMOTE Gaming AI Engineer [73746]

About the job

POSITION: Videogame AI Engineer

We are seeking passionate engineers intrigued by video game AI to contribute to the development of AI behaviors and systems that elevate realism, challenge, and player engagement within our gaming projects.


- Collaborate with AI designers and fellow engineers to craft AI behaviors and systems utilizing C++ and Unreal Blueprints.

- Develop, deploy, and maintain AI algorithms and systems within Unreal Engine, focusing on pathfinding, decision-making, and navigation.

- Enhance the efficiency of AI systems to facilitate intricate behaviors and accommodate larger NPC populations.

- Design and implement dynamic, responsive AI systems to create immersive player experiences.

- Work closely with animation and character teams to seamlessly integrate AI behaviors with character assets.

- Optimize AI systems for performance and memory utilization to uphold smooth gameplay and accommodate numerous active NPCs.

- Identify and address AI-related bugs and undesirable behaviors throughout development and post-release support phases.

- Conduct playtests to observe player interactions and derive insights for enhancing player experiences.


- Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field, or equivalent practical experience.

- Proficiency in C++ programming.

- Experience with Unreal Engine development.

- Familiarity with visual scripting.

- Understanding of behavior trees and fundamental videogame AI principles.

- Previous exposure to multiplayer and networked game AI preferred.

- Passion for tactical first-person shooters.


- We foster a culture of trust, authenticity, and professionalism, and expects the same from its team members.

- Enjoy a hybrid work environment, with the flexibility to work remotely or in-studio, accommodating diverse geographic locations.

- Comprehensive benefits package including 401k, Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage for you and your family.

- Emphasis on sustainable development with a focus on flexibility, balance, and responsible self-regulation.

- Flexible Paid Time Off policy allowing for a balanced work-life schedule.

- Equitable Profit-sharing Program ensuring all team members benefit from the success of the games they contribute to.

- Opportunity to make a significant impact with a mid-sized team on highly visible products reaching millions of players worldwide.

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