REMOTE Gaming Royalty Administrator [73925]

About the job

Job Title: Gaming Royalty Administrator


1. Gather and systematize diverse reports and documentation essential for administering royalties, including revenue reports sourced from various channels, contractual agreements, abstracts, deductions, etc.

2. Collaborate with producers and creatives to ensure meticulous tracking and documentation of expenses associated with production, distribution, and promotional activities.

3. Manage the processing and monitoring of royalties and transaction fees for songwriters and musical performers, engaging with third-party billing aggregators, record labels, and talent agencies.

4. Guarantee timely dissemination of statements and execution of payments to creatives, adhering strictly to reporting deadlines.

5. Maintain a comprehensive record of licensee forecasts versus the plan, fostering communication with internal accounting departments and external licensees to address any revisions.

6. Evaluate weekly cost reports, cash flow funding, and final cost statements, drawing upon expertise to propose financial and operational enhancements and solutions.

7. Conduct daily, weekly, and monthly account reconciliations, promptly resolving accounting disparities with precision and efficiency.

Required Qualifications:

- Possession of a Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance.

- Accumulated professional experience of 3-5 years in accounting, finance, or relevant fields, demonstrating substantial exposure to financial analysis or royalty reporting.

Desired Qualifications:

- Preference for candidates with prior involvement in the music industry or consumer products sector.

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