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Lead Environment Artist

Portsmouth, NH

Bit Fry Game Studios seeks an Environment Artist to lead in the art department. This artist is a recognized expert in their field, drawing from extensive experience in the video game industry to bring the efforts of the Concept Art, 3D Modeling, Technical Art and Lighting teams together into memorable, breathtaking settings. The Lead Environment Artist will be called on to set the visual bar, producing assets at the highest levels of quality and difficulty.

Additional Responsibilities Include

The Lead Environment Artist must have a proven track record of resolving the most complex and broad-reaching challenges in relationship to environment construction, pipeline management and leading-edge visuals. In addition to current “best practices” and competitive awareness, this artist is expected to understand emerging trends and technologies in video game content and make strategic recommendations as to how they may benefit and/or impact the organization.

  • Works closely with Art Director to keep quality and style consistent across all environments
  • Provides direction to environment artists for aesthetic and technical considerations
  • Works with Art Director and Outsourcing Manager to identify and schedule assets for external development
  • Maintains a clear and consistent schedule in conjunction with the Project Manager
  • Works closely with the Tool and Engine team to develop new or improve upon old technologies to improve environments
  • Participates in the planning for project environments
  • Works with other departments to ensure that assets are delivered in a timely manner
  • Works with concept team to ensure concepts are at proper production quality
  • Supervise bug distribution and verify bug fixes
  • Responsible for creating environment art components that may include: Design roughs, visual prototype levels, low detail (layout) geometry, medium detail (asset) geometry, high detail (normal map generation) geometry, instance placement and organization, UV setups, PBR texture maps/shader networks, surfaces, post process settings, initial collision to support gameplay programming
  • Other duties may apply


  • An amazing portfolio demonstrating your ability to create a variety of environments
  • Detailed explanations of each piece in your portfolio, specifically citing your specific contributions, and crediting other artists whose contributions appear in your environments
  • Portfolios without proper attributions will not be considered

Extra Credit

  • Previous experience building production environments in the Unreal 4 Engine
  • Illustration experience designing environments

Additional Information

  • Position is full-time, on-site in Portsmouth, NH
  • All applicants must be legally qualified to work in the United States
  • As a part of the application process, we require a portfolio demonstrating your experience. Please include a brief breakdown of your contributions, regardless of discipline.

Bit Fry Game Studios is an equal opportunity employer. We bring unique talents together to build something special which is why we welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status.

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